Statement on Transform Zimbabwe


For the past year I have focused on building an anti-corruption watchdog to hold government accountable. We visited ZACC, the CID and embarked on a clean up initiative to show what is possible.

After careful thought we have decided to merge our anti-corruption initiative into Transfom Zimbabwe. We believe this is an important step as we move to engage the international community on the critical issues which must be addressed without fail leading up to the 2023 elections.

We need a more aggressive posture to resolve the overarching issues of institutional reforms and the ongoing climate of corruption.

I believe @Mnangagwa is not the legitimate leader of Zimbabwe and this legitimacy issue is further highlighted by his continued onslaught on the constitution and total disregard of citizens rights.

As the leader of Transform Zimbabwe my hope is to create a platform for Zimbabweans who are ready to do more.

We have 6 months to shake things up. To dismantle the corruption cartels and get the reforms we need pushed through.

The task before us is great but our heart are greater. Our resolve is strong and our minds clear about what we need to do.

God bless Zimbabwe.