Today I spent the day meeting citizens in different places in Harare. I was at Parirenyatwa Annex section where I waited in the queues with citizens some who arrived as early as 5AM to get a better place on the long winding queue. 

It was mostly people suffering from different psychiatric challenges. We waited for hours to get to see the doctors. When most of the patients managed to see the doctors they were prescribed medication which was not available at the pharmacy. They were asked to go and get it at private pharmacies in town. Sadly most of them told me that they cannot afford the prescription medicines. WE CALL UPON THE AUDITOR GENERAL TO CAREFULLY LOOK INTO THE ISSUE OF UNAVAILABILITY OF ESSENTIAL DRUGS AT PUBLIC HEALTH INSTITUTIONS AS WE ARE  MADE TO BELIEVE THAT  NATPHARM IS WELL STOCKED AND THAT THE DRAX ISSUE WAS NOT A SCANDAL. THE QUESTION IS, WHY ARE THERE NO ESSENTIAL DRUGS IN STATE PHARMACIES?

Annex sections for our referral hospitals are not many, and it won't cost the government much money to properly equip these hospitals. Sadly that's not in the priority list of this regime. Their priorities are elsewhere. 

If they sell half the vehicles parked at ZEC they can equip all Annex sections of our national hospitals. 

After arriving at 5AM most of the patients went home after lunch with no medication. Some had traveled from as far as Rusape to come for treatment and check up. 

Zimbabwe, we must come together, and change this situation. It's only after we realize the need to work together that we can build up resistance to change this government. 

Independence means NOTHING if people are still dying from medieval sicknesses and diseases like thyroid. Only when we come together to change this situation that Zimbabwe can be transformed. 

We must be ready to act. We must stop blaming and start acting. 


Jacob Ngarivhume