Jacob Briefly Arrested



I was briefly detained at Matapi police station again today. Senior police station officer Chatunga came to the place we were about to collect gabbage and asked that we go to Matapi Police because he was under an order that we should not collect the rubbish. 

Police, CIO and Mbare Zanu Pf district youth had gathered to stop the clean up campaign. They threatened to stone the vehicles we had hired and then arrest us. As I was discussing with them at Matapi some of the police officers and CIO working with one Zanu Pf secretary for health in Mbare dismissed the service providers. 

Chatunga insisted that as a point of procedure we should apply for permission to remove the rubbish from the police. It was their prerogative to decide if the rubbish should be removed. 

We refused to accept that position. As we went out to continue with the cleanup we realized that they had threatened and chased away the service providers we had hired. 

One of their bizarre concerns is that if we remove the gabbage we will spread Covid because people will gather to watch. 

We will come back and do it again soon. We refuse to be intimidated