After church today, I decided to take a tour of Budiriro 5. Back in 1998 when I came to Harare for the first time to enrol at the University of Zimbabwe to study Mathematics, I stayed in Budiriro 5 with my late uncle Daniel Tonoota. 

My political activism has strong and deep roots from Budiriro. 

Today, I could not help but cry as I saw heaps of uncollected gabbage with some streets closed because of dumpsites created as citizens have nowhere to dump gabbage. 

Bust sewages are flowing right from people's homes. I asked a team of experts how much it costs to fix the sewage, which now has two weeks. I was shocked to learn that they require only UD$50. We are going to provide this tomorrow so that we fix it. 

I spoke with young university graduates who advised me that they can develop a model waste management program that includes biogas production, seperation of waste and burying the waste which has no use. I was impressed. 

Citizens, we have to take care of our communities. Corruption has destroyed our capacity as citizens, but I believe we can still do something to alleviate the life of our fellow citizens. 

Jacob Ngarivhume